What Causes Bad Cell Reception?

Bad reception doesn't mean you have to change your phone. There are many options, like cell phone boosters, to help maintain service.

When Cell Reception is Bad

We’ve all been there, on our cell phone when a call drops. It’s infuriating. For some, it happens so infrequently that it might not matter but for others, it happens enough that it becomes a major inconvenience. If you’re thinking you need to replace your brand new phone, that might not be necessary. While you are most likely dealing with bad reception, it’s not something a new phone would be able to fix. Bad cell reception is due to a variety of different reasons that ultimately come back to your surroundings. So, you don’t have to change your phone, but you can definitely install something like a cell phone booster. For more information about how to deal with your bad reception issues in the McKinney, TX area, contact Cell Install at 214-997-1138.

What Causes Bad Cell Reception?

So, what does bad reception mean? It can mean a number of things, but for cell phone users, means that calls don’t pick up, drop, or fail when they shouldn’t. This happens  in several places, but probably the most inconvenient is in the home. And Few homes, if any, have landlines anymore. Most things today have gone cellular, including home security. But, in terms of cell phones, bad reception can be a result of a few things like:

  • Most likely, you are in an area with very few cell towers. In Texas, cell towers can be spread far out and the further you get from a major city, the easier it may be for calls to drop.
  • Or you’re in an area with too much cell traffic. On the flip side, cell phone usage in major cities can actually cause a lot of bad reception. That’s because the cell towers in those areas have to deal with massive amounts of cell traffic all at once, when they usually aren’t designed to handle that much traffic.
  • Bad reception could also mean there are things obstructing your signal. Buildings are by far the biggest perpetrators. The more concrete, metal, and more in between you and a cell tower means your phone won’t be able to quickly pick up and maintain a signal.
Cell Install can help identify the best cell booster for your needs.

How to Fix Bad Cell Reception in a House

Once you know what is causing the problem, you’re next question should be, “How can I improve my cell reception?”

For cell phone users, there are several things you can do to improve your reception, including:

  • Remove the case on your phone: Unlike cell phones prior, where the antenna was clearly visible outside, modern phones have internal antennas. Cell phone cases can block the internal antenna, making it harder for phones to acquire a signal.
  • Get away from obstructions: Buildings can block cell signals or cause them to reroute because signals have a much harder time passing through all the concrete, metal, and wood. So don’t be afraid to step outside to get better reception.
  • Move to a higher position: Getting to high ground or just getting to a higher level of a building can help get past any signal obstructions. It may feel like you’ve jumped back a few decades, but the evidence shows higher ground can help improve cell reception.
  • Use WiFi: Every smartphone today allows for WiFi calling. If you are experiencing bad cell reception in a house, you can use the WiFi and certain apps to video chat or make calls.
  • Keep your phone charged: Sometimes, bad cell reception simply comes down to a phone not having enough power to acquire and hold a signal. Keeping your phone charged can ensure your phone is able to maintain reception.
  • Use a booster: Cell phone boosters have many benefits, including assisting phone owners in bad reception areas to get the best usage out of their phones.

Boosters are by far one of the best options available to cell phone owners. Boosters, also known as cell phone repeaters, amplify weak outside signals and bypass any obstructions to provide a strong inside signal to an area that was originally lacking.

In easier terms, boosters basically find the nearest cell tower, away from any obstructions, acquire a cell signal from that tower, and essentially beef it up so the phone can actually and easily maintain the cell signals. For anyone, not just those with bad reception, boosters are a great investment. If you are dealing with bad reception, the experts at Cell Install can help. Our representatives will help you figure out exactly what you need and get you the best rates for a cell phone booster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does weather affect cell phone reception?

Yes, bad weather can cause a delay in signal relay, making it harder for cell phones to acquire and maintain reception.

What is the best cell phone booster?

Cell Install offer some of the best cell phone boosters for one room use as well as for multi-floor industrial capabilities.

Does WiFi affect cell phone reception?

WiFi can actually help if you are experiencing low or bad cell reception. Using WiFi signals and certain apps, cell phone users can make calls and/or video chats while in a bad reception area.

Stepping outside and getting away from most buildings can help improve your cell reception.

Call Us to Improve Your Cell Reception

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