Cell Phone Antenna Installation in in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio

To combat bad cell service in Texas, many turn to the use of a signal booster. Cell phone signal boosters typically have two antennas that contribute heavily to the system’s performance. The outer antenna picks up the outside signal and sends it to the amplifier. The amplifier then sends the stronger signal to the second antenna to distribute back to you. In order to have optimal reception, it’s imperative to have the correct antennas for your specific needs. Our professionals can help you decide which type of booster system and cell phone antenna is best for your San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, or Austin home or office, and install it for superior coverage and reception. Call us today at 214-997-1138 to schedule your appointment.

Our Experts can Help You Choose the Ideal Antenna for Your System.

Your Antenna’s Strength is a Deciding Factor in How Well Your System Will Work.

Outer Antenna Options and Installation

The outer antenna picks up the initial signal, so having the correct type is important for top performance. There are two types of outer antennas, used for very different scenarios.


These antennas have 360° coverage and can pick up signals from all around. However, they have a shorter reach than the alternative and recommended for mid to strong signals.


Presenting further reach than their counterparts, yagi antennas are ideal for weak signals. Although strong, this antennas style has more focused signal detection and works in only one direction.

Inside Antennas

Inside antennas offer more flexibility and are available in 3 types, each presenting their own benefits. Whip antennas can be attached directly to the amplifier, but are for small areas and singular rooms. Dome antennas are stronger and can transmit successfully to the entire floor when installed in a central location. Both of these options have 360° coverage making them ideal for homes and small to midsize offices.

Panel antennas are ideal for large rectangular areas or multiple floors. These one-directional antennas provide a concentrated signal that can be attached laterally or facing downward.

When installing your cell signal booster, it’s crucial to select the correct antennas for your requirements. Our professionals can complete your cell phone antenna installation whether you’re in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX or any area in between. Call our experienced technicians today at 214-997-1138 to find out how a signal booster can help you.