Do You Have Bad Cell Service Reception in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX?

Bad cell service is not only frustrating, it can be a safety hazard, a business deal breaker, and a contributor to slow production in companies. Don’t suffer from bad cell service. Our professionals can help you establish optimal cell reception in your home or business by installing a cell signal booster to increase your data transfer and download speeds and call and text quality. Call our technicians today at 214-997-1138 to learn how a cell signal booster can benefit your Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, TX business or home.

How We Can Help

Let Our Experts Help Find You the Perfect System.

Don’t Suffer From Bad Cell Reception. Our Professionals Can Install the Perfect Signal Booster for You.

Our professionals can not only offer advice on system selection, but we can also offer convenient and affordable installation for optimal reception quality. Our technicians perform a comprehensive inspection of your entire area and floorplan to identify your individual needs and requirements. We offer detailed descriptions of products including cost and performance so you can make an informed decision for your area. When you need enhanced cell service reception at your home or office, call our professionals at 214-997-1138 for service you can trust.

Choosing the Perfect Booster

In order to achieve optimal levels of reception, the correct system selection is imperative. Each type of system has separate advantages and should be examined closely. Cell signal boosters are available to accommodate almost any situation from one room home use to multi-floor industrial capabilities.

System Selection: For great signal reception with any service, an analog booster system is most likely your ideal solution. However, for service that is focused on one carrier and provides more dB gain, try a digital booster system.


Outer Antenna Selection: Your outer antenna will determine how well your system receives the initial weak signal that it amplifies. For all around coverage that can hit towers from any angle, an Omni antenna is ideal. For more focused, longer reaching power, however, a Yagi antenna may be what you need.
Inner Antenna Options: Simple, one room systems offer a no cable inner antenna called a whip that connects directly to the amplifier. Larger systems will require cabled antennas and are available in dome models that offer 360° coverage for mid-sized areas, and panel antennas that can cover larger, more rectangular spaces.
Cable Choices: Your selection of cables will determine how many dBs are lost in transfer between positions. Therefore, proper selection is vital. The standard cable is RG6 coaxial and has a rating of -5dB/50 ft. which means that you will lose 5 decibels of reception every 50 feet. Some cables offer better ratings but are more costly. Finding your ideal cable will depend on the individual length and capabilities you will need.

Our expert technicians can help you sort through each component’s benefits to identify the perfect cell signal booster for you. We provide details about your system and service at every turn so you’re always in the loop and end up with a finished product you’re completely satisfied with. Call us today at 214-997-1138 to learn more about installing a cell signal booster in Dallas, Austin, Houston, or San Antonio, TX.