How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Signal at Home?

If You’re Constantly Facing Weak Reception or Dropped Calls, You May Need a Booster.

Of all the places you need your cell phone to work, home might be the most important. Yet so many people struggle with weak signal problems even when they’re at the house. If you’re constantly struggling with dropped and failed calls, you’re in luck! Today, we’ll talk about residential cell boosters, how you can improve your cell phone signal at home, and the different factors that affect signal strength.

What is a Good Signal Strength for a Mobile Phone?

Reduced service signals for your cell phone doesn’t just slow down data exchange and downloads. It also can lead to spotty calls and dropped conversations. If you’re chronically suffering from these hassles, you’ll want to consider augmenting your signal with a residential signal booster. A good baseline cell strength would be around a 60 dB max gain, though 70dB might be appropriate for larger families and heavier cellular usage.¬†Boosters can be installed inside your home or mounted on top of your roof. If you wish to have the antenna installed on the rooftop,¬†your roof will need to be in good condition to properly set the mount.¬†

What Affects Cell Phone Signal Strength?

There are three major factors that affect cell phone signal strength: distance from the nearest cell tower, physical signal obstructions, and building interference. The first two problems are the most difficult to solve, as a cell booster can only improve your reception if you’re receiving a signal in the first place. If there’s no signal to boost…you get the idea. However, if your home does receive a signal that’s being disrupted by buildings or other cellular traffic, a cell booster can enhance reception and improve your signal strength.

Cell Boosters for Your Home

There are numerous types of residential cell boosters available on the market for your convenience. You can easily find a model that matches your performance requirements and your usage habits. If you’d like additional information about improving your cell phone signal at home or at work, feel free to take a look at our previous blog posts, or talk with one of our experts at 214-997-1138.