Modern Updates for Your Country Home

Renovate Your Country Home for Durability & Functionality

Upgrading your country home can provide in the modern perks of durability & ease in functionality.

Ahh, country home living. Peace and quiet, nature surrounding the home at all sides. Breaths of fresh air and clean living. Yes, living apart from the suburbs and city has many benefits, yet being far away also means more wait for connectivity or home updates. Here are some country home renovation ideas so you can have the modern perks available out in the world while being content in your country surroundings. There are many remodels and home renovation designs out there with variable costs. Your country home can be spruced with cost-effective DIYs to contracting work. Ranch remodel costs, for example, can vary depending on the level of changes you choose to undergo. You can choose to spend a couple of thousand dollars for small scale renovations of undergo full scale ones anywhere from $20,000-$50,000! No matter the design changes you wish to make, rest assured that there are changes available no matter your budget, age or structure of your home!

Renovation Ideas For Old Homes

Older homes have the broadest options for change that can drastically change the look and functionality of your country home!

  • Tear down your older porch for a new one
  • Upgrade your stairs
  • Replace old windows with energy efficient or impact resistant ones
  • Replace your roofing material with more durable metal options (they can last 50+ years!)
  • Switch out your cabinets or countertops to modern wood grains, marble or porcelain options
  • Replace your countertops
  • Upgrade your flooring
  • Restore your fireplace
  • Incorporate a new Fence Installation
  • Upgrade plumbing, electricity and appliances to energy efficient or durable options
  • Bathroom or kitchen renovations from stoves, bathtubs, flooring, walls and sinks

Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Smooth Cell Service in Country Home

Living in the country can have higher risks of bad cell service, increase smoothness so you can work from home in your relaxing country home!

Many small changes can be a DIY as long as you have home renovation tools on hand! Consider these options for small changes that have a big impact on your home.

  • Lighting: add accent lights, color lights, sconces, pendant lights or a chandelier.
  • Painting: a paint job can accent or back drop certain areas or appliances without the costs of replacements.
  • Switch out door and cabinet pulls and handles: these embellishments add to the room’s overall look without switching appliances out.
  • Fix Bad Cell Reception: upgrade on slow reception so people can internet and stream!
  • Front Door: embellish your front door entrance with trimming, lights or trees.
  • Decor: add accent furniture, plants, art works and other baubles to increase the feeling of used space.
  • Organization: add cabinets, bookshelves and other appliances that can compliment the new design elements of your home remodel.

House Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

Skylight Open Space for Country Home!

Skylights can add in natural lighting & create a sense of space with the open views of outside nature.

The main idea in remodeling small houses is to clear up on clutter, incorporate all available space with a variety of uses and create the illusion of space!

  • Skylights and glass ceilings: natural lighting can quickly add to the ambiance of a room and negate feelings on enclosure.
  • Vary ceiling heights: extending the ceiling into a vault or in slants can create dimension and give a nice design to the room.
  • Lighting: upgrading the lighting can provide a sense of modernity.
    Accordion glass windows or doors: this will create a sense of open space with indoor-outdoor flows.
  • Multi purpose rooms: use foldable or wheel away furniture to double up space into an office, guest room, lounging area or more!
  • Add storage: clearing up your room from clutter with cabinets, shelves, hangers and other options not only adds in style but adds more space!
  • Color Themes: when considering appliances or paints, try for light colors as they create a sense of expansion while dark colors create feelings of smallness and enclosure.
  • Place mirrors around: adding mirrors opposite windows or other opportune areas in a room can reflect light and create the illusion of doubled space.

Home repairs and home renovations come in a variety of options that you can pick and choose from that best match with your tastes. If you have a small space, there are plenty of tricks to create the illusion of space. If you’re on a budget, consider changes that are essential for more impact or changes that can add in the style elements of the room to create theme and color. If you desire larger changes, consider options that have durability and energy efficiency. With larger changes, you’ll be able to completely change the look and feel of your home! Whatever your goals are, you’re sure to benefit from adding implements of modernity to your country home!

For country home cell installations in McKinney, TX call 214-997-1138 with Cell Install!

Getting Better Cell Service in Rural Areas

Cell Service

Get Your Cell Phone Working Well Again.

Have you ever been walking around your house talking on the phone and you suddenly lose the person on the other line because your cell service is so bad? This is something that actually happens all of the time. No matter what phone service you have, this can happen to you. This type of problem can be very frustrating for anyone, but especially when you work from home or need to be on your phone throughout the day. If this is a constant problem, you may want to consider getting a cell phone booster for home. They make them in many different sizes and prices so that you can choose what kind of cell phone amplifier you want to get. There are even options for a cell phone booster without wifi if that is not something that you need to worry about. Sometimes the issue is with wifi, but most of the time, it is because the cell service is not reaching to you because your phones signal is not strong enough to reach it. Many people will blame the problem on their roof or needing a soffit and fascia repair, but the issue is only that the cell phone signal is not able to reach your phone very well or in some cases even at all.

How Will This Benefit You?

A cell phone booster will be able to benefit you in many ways. If you only don’t get service in smaller rooms of your home or need boosted service for example, in your home office, you can get a signal booster that just works for 1-2 rooms. These are typically the cheapest way to go and will be able to help boost your signal exponentially. There are also ones for larger areas too like whole homes or even entire offices. If you have an office that gets no cell reception, consider talking to your boss about getting a cell phone signal booster. This is great because if there was ever an emergency or you needed to use your phone in one of these areas to call someone, you would be able to do it. Another great way to use this as ranch cell signal boosters. When you live out on a ranch, sometimes, there is no way to get cell service out there so you will need to use something like this to be able to do that. There are many places that are far out from towns that use a cell phone signal booster for rural areas.

Cell Phone Signal Booster vs Repeater

A cell phone signal booster is used by taking the cell signal that you have now that is seemingly very weak and then timesing it by up to 32. The cell signal will then be boosted and broadcasted to your home, work, or car where you would like it to go. A cellular repeater, is usually used from a different antenna, that will be able to take and transmit signals from cell towers that are nearby and amplify the service.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cell Service

Do TV signal boosters work?

Yes, these types of signal boosters do work and will be able to help with the signal of your tv. This is not a magic way that will make your tv service work better though, but it can help get your service working better when you’re experiencing cable resistance.

Do signal boosters for cell phones work?

Yes, these signal boosters work really well by taking another antenna and boosting the signal from one area to your phone. These are great if you are driving or if you are in one spot that never gets cell reception.

How to get cell phone service in a dead zone?

A cell phone booster is a great way that you can get cell service in an area that was usually a dead zone to you. It will be able to help pull from other cell towers that could be nearby and reach your phone. This is not always going to work, but it will definitely help.

Which cell phone signal booster is best?

There are so many different types out there that all do different things and will reach larger or smaller areas depending on what you are wanting. Do not think that they are all the same though. Many signal boosters work better than other so it is important to do your research or ask one of our professionals what they would recommend. There are also some phone networks that will give you a free signal booster if you ask for it. This will help you to get better reception all over the place. If you have been thinking about getting a cell booster in McKinney, TX, call Cell Install at 214-997-1138 and we can help you out.

Can a Signal Booster Installation Help You?

When you’re stuck in a rural area with no cell service, it can be frustrating and, at times, dangerous. A cell signal booster can provide a useable signal to most who use them. They use a system of antennas and relays to provide a signal that is strong and effective. An installation professional can simply install the booster antenna to your roofing system for optimal reception. Roof materials like Duro-Last roofing not only provide great protection for your home, but also offer a firm material for your booster equipment.

Cell Signal Boosters Can Increase Your Cell Signal Easily.

A Poor Cell Signal Can Leave You Feeling Distant and Out of Touch. We Can Help!


Times When a Signal Booster Won’t Help

In some cases, a cell signal booster won’t work. A cell booster doesn’t create a signal, but instead, boosts an already present signal. Therefore, if a signal doesn’t exist or is too scrambled, a cell phone booster will not help your situation.

Some of these obstacles include:

  • No Signal: If there is no signal to boost, a cell signal booster will not be helpful.
  • Tall Buildings and Structures: Multiple tall buildings can inhibit a cell signal from reaching your location which is crucial for a cell booster to work.
  • No Place for an Antenna: Cell booster antennas can be placed on your roof or even on a window sill. However, if you have an inside apartment or otherwise blocked home, an antenna cannot be installed properly.
  • Other Carrier Interference: Even if your cell service carrier has a nearby tower, other carrier towers that are in between it and your location can cause a cell booster to boost the incorrect signal.

Your Booster Installation Specialists

If you think a cell signal booster can help your current reception, call the Cell Install team today to learn more about your options. We install signal boosters for every carrier to boost your reception in even the most remote locations and can help you decide on the best system for your needs. Call us now at 214-997-1138 for cell signal booster installation throughout the McKinney, TX area.

Tired Of Searching For Reception?



Are You Tired Of Not Having Cell Service?

In this day and age, we all rely heavily on our cell phones to get things done no matter where we are at. This makes it very frustrating when you are somewhere and don’t get good cell reception. The problem becomes even more frustrating when you are inside a building or even your home and don’t get the kind of reception you want. Unfortunately, this happens all of the time, but there are ways to help with it. Some people take it upon themselves to try to put things on their roof to get better service. Installing cell receptors on your home is dangerous to do yourself, especially when you have wood shake roofing or something of that nature. There are professionals that can help you do these types of things and get the results you are looking for.

How Do We Get You Better Reception

One of the ways to get better cell reception is to get a wireless cell booster installationBelow are a list of reasons why this will benefit you or what it does.

Better Reception – Obviously this is what you are trying to get and with a booster, you will be able to have that with no problem.

Uses Outside Signals – These boosters use outside signals to boost your cell signal and get better service.

Can Use In Home Or Office – You can use this in your home or your work office so you never have to worry about missing calls in your home or at your desk, again.

Call Cell Install at 214-997-1138 for assistance and let us answer any questions you have.

How Can I Improve My Cell Phone Signal at Home?

If You’re Constantly Facing Weak Reception or Dropped Calls, You May Need a Booster.

Of all the places you need your cell phone to work, home might be the most important. Yet so many people struggle with weak signal problems even when they’re at the house. If you’re constantly struggling with dropped and failed calls, you’re in luck! Today, we’ll talk about residential cell boosters, how you can improve your cell phone signal at home, and the different factors that affect signal strength.

What is a Good Signal Strength for a Mobile Phone?

Reduced service signals for your cell phone doesn’t just slow down data exchange and downloads. It also can lead to spotty calls and dropped conversations. If you’re chronically suffering from these hassles, you’ll want to consider augmenting your signal with a residential signal booster. A good baseline cell strength would be around a 60 dB max gain, though 70dB might be appropriate for larger families and heavier cellular usage. Boosters can be installed inside your home or mounted on top of your roof. If you wish to have the antenna installed on the rooftop, your roof will need to be in good condition to properly set the mount. 

What Affects Cell Phone Signal Strength?

There are three major factors that affect cell phone signal strength: distance from the nearest cell tower, physical signal obstructions, and building interference. The first two problems are the most difficult to solve, as a cell booster can only improve your reception if you’re receiving a signal in the first place. If there’s no signal to boost…you get the idea. However, if your home does receive a signal that’s being disrupted by buildings or other cellular traffic, a cell booster can enhance reception and improve your signal strength.

Cell Boosters for Your Home

There are numerous types of residential cell boosters available on the market for your convenience. You can easily find a model that matches your performance requirements and your usage habits. If you’d like additional information about improving your cell phone signal at home or at work, feel free to take a look at our previous blog posts, or talk with one of our experts at 214-997-1138.

When Can a Cell Booster Be Useful?

We have all had it happen, we are sitting there trying to have a conversation and the service just keeps going in and out or drops completely. This can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to deal with if it happens all of the time. You can choose to walk around with your phone in the air looking for service or you can get a cell booster and not have that problem anymore. A cell booster can be very handy in many situations. They can make your life easier at home and in the office.

Where Do They Help?

When you are at home and can’t get ahold of your family or friends because your phone just won’t keep a call, it is very maddening. A cell booster is a great way to help strengthen up your signal and hold the phone conversation. Sometimes there are things we cannot miss and when those phone calls happen, it is important that your phone works properly. This is also the case in the office when you need to make or receive a call. If you are on the phone with business people, you can not afford to be missing words every few seconds or even having dropped calls.

When you are ready to add a phone booster to your life, call Cell Install at 214-997-1138 and let us help you.

What Causes Bad Cell Phone Reception

Bad Cell Phone Reception

Travel Through Isolated or Uninhabited Areas Can Lead to a Poor Cell Signal.

Bad cell phone reception is a uniquely modern problem that can represent quite a headache. If you’ve ever needed to get in contact with someone, or found yourself on a call with a poor signal, you understand the frustration and anxiety this problem can cause. To grapple with the nature of this inconvenience, it helps to know the two common causes for bad cell phone reception.

Geographical Issues

Geographical distance or obstacles to the nearest cell phone tower explain a common cause for bad cell reception. For example, if you find yourself driving through a desert, you may not receive a signal until you approach a more developed area. Geographical issues behind bad reception are one of the most frequent causes for poor cell signals around the country. Most individuals rarely experience these, however, unless they live in a sparsely populated or isolated area.

Destructive Interference

Destructive interference can happen anywhere, and is the most common cause for a poor cell signal. This phenomenon occurs when cell signals struggle to pass through materials like concrete or metal. If you have poor reception in certain rooms of your home or office, destructive interference represents the likely reason. Heavily built-up or urban areas are particularly troublesome for destructive interference.

At Cell Install, we provide solutions for destructive interference and poor cell phone signals. Using our specialized technology, you can rest assured that any obstructions to your cell phone signal become resolved. You’ll never have to suffer through dropped calls or the other annoyances of bad cell phone reception in McKinney, TX. To learn more or schedule a consultation, call us today at 214-997-1138.

Tips When Switching Cell Phone Providers

Switching Cell Phone Providers

A Few Tips Make It Easier for Those Who Are Switching Cell Phone Providers.

If you have become dissatisfied with your current cell provider, then you should consider switching to a different company. This is easier said than done, however, depending on a few key factors. Some cell phone companies will stop at almost nothing to retain a customer. A phone call to cancel service can end with a renewed commitment and, perhaps, a reduced monthly rate. To forge ahead with switching cell phone providers, consider the following tips.

Do You Have a Contract?

Cell phone contracts have become quite uncommon, but you should still check on any commitments to your current carrier. If you have leased a device, for example, you will need to pay it off completely when you cancel service.

Will You Need a New Phone?

Some carriers will require you buy a new phone, while others will not. If you must buy a new device, keep in mind that you can create a lease agreement and pay towards it each month. If you are allowed to use your existing phone, make sure that you’ve had it unlocked to work with any network.

How Good is Coverage?

Before you switch to a new carrier, check that company’s signal map to make sure you will receive adequate service in your area and places you tend to travel. To determine coverage areas, visit Root Metrics. This independent company tracks cellular networks as a service for consumers.

Regardless of your carrier, Cell Install provides services to improve weak signals and bad reception. After you’ve finished switching cell phone providers, contact our company at 214-997-1138. We can further improve your cell experience, and even offer boosters for better service wherever you go.

3 Ways to Boost Your Cell Service for Free

We have all been in one of those situations where we needed our phone and couldn’t get a signal. Today, we have become more reliant on our cell phone than cars. But what can we do about shoddy service? Most people already know that clearing clutter from your windows and using a booster or antenna will create a stronger signal in most cases. In some cases, a femtocell, which works as a miniature tower receptor to pick up a signal, can be used to create a usable signal. However, these three free ideas can give you a cell signal booster that keeps you plugged in without costing you a dime.

Let Our Experts Provide Better Cell Service for Your Whole Home.

Bad Cell Service is Frustrating. We Can Help.

Keep it Charged

Your antenna is in its most powerful state when your phone’s battery is completely charged. In the same respect, letting your battery go below ¾ life can greatly minimize your antenna strength. If your battery runs down quickly, try charging pads or docks to charge your phone easily while still in use.

Wifi Calling and Texting

Many don’t realize that you can make calls and exchange texts from your computer. Companies like Vonage and Ooma deliver internet phone for a monthly premium, while other platforms such as Google Voice, WeChat, and WhatsApp allow texting and calling for free.

There’s an App for That

Did you know that there are free apps for both Android and Apple smartphones that can help you boost your wifi signal? These apps allow you to analyze the signals around you, and can even work as a cell signal booster in some cases. While there are paid apps as well, free apps like Net Master and Wifi Signal Booster can help boost your signal without spending a dime.

Although these ideas can boost your signal, in order to receive optimal signal strength in areas with low reception, a cell signal booster is the best way to go. Boosters work to amplify and resend even minimal signals to provide optimal reception. If these free tips aren’t giving you the boost you want, the Cell Install experts can provide booster solutions for almost any budget. Call our professionals today at 214-997-1138.

Do You Need a Cell Signal Booster?

We’ve all been there; a friends house that doesn’t get cell service, a store that you never pick up phone calls in, or building you can’t even check your email in. These places are everywhere and with the dependence of technology, today, it is important that these kinds of things don’t happen. If you find yourself having to walk to a specific small corner of a room, crouched down on the floor in order to facetime your mom, it may be time to think about getting a cell signal booster.

Your Options

There are several ways that you can fix your cell service from being bad. You can change your cell phone provider, which is usually a major pain and can be extremely expensive if you are stuck in a contract of some kind or you can get a cell signal booster. By having a cell signal booster installed into your home, car, business, or even just a room, it can change how you receive service everyday. Often times you walk into a room and suddenly cannot get your phone to work for the life or you. When this happens it can be frustrating because you either have to leave the room or go without using the phone. Installing a cell signal booster to that room will make it so you can use your phone in there with ease.

Call Us Today

If you have been thinking about getting a cell signal booster, call Cell Install at 214-997-1138 today and get all the information you need.