3 Ways to Boost Your Cell Service for Free

We have all been in one of those situations where we needed our phone and couldn’t get a signal. Today, we have become more reliant on our cell phone than cars. But what can we do about shoddy service? Most people already know that clearing clutter from your windows and using a booster or antenna will create a stronger signal in most cases. In some cases, a femtocell, which works as a miniature tower receptor to pick up a signal, can be used to create a usable signal. However, these three free ideas can give you a cell signal booster that keeps you plugged in without costing you a dime.

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Keep it Charged

Your antenna is in its most powerful state when your phone’s battery is completely charged. In the same respect, letting your battery go below ¾ life can greatly minimize your antenna strength. If your battery runs down quickly, try charging pads or docks to charge your phone easily while still in use.

Wifi Calling and Texting

Many don’t realize that you can make calls and exchange texts from your computer. Companies like Vonage and Ooma deliver internet phone for a monthly premium, while other platforms such as Google Voice, WeChat, and WhatsApp allow texting and calling for free.

There’s an App for That

Did you know that there are free apps for both Android and Apple smartphones that can help you boost your wifi signal? These apps allow you to analyze the signals around you, and can even work as a cell signal booster in some cases. While there are paid apps as well, free apps like Net Master and Wifi Signal Booster can help boost your signal without spending a dime.

Although these ideas can boost your signal, in order to receive optimal signal strength in areas with low reception, a cell signal booster is the best way to go. Boosters work to amplify and resend even minimal signals to provide optimal reception. If these free tips aren’t giving you the boost you want, the Cell Install experts can provide booster solutions for almost any budget. Call our professionals today at 214-997-1138.