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Modern Updates for Your Country Home

Renovate Your Country Home for Durability & Functionality

Upgrading your country home can provide in the modern perks of durability & ease in functionality.

Ahh, country home living. Peace and quiet, nature surrounding the home at all sides. Breaths of fresh air and clean living. Yes, living apart from the suburbs and city has many benefits, yet being far away also means more wait for connectivity or home updates. Here are some country home renovation ideas so you can have the modern perks available out in the world while being content in your country surroundings. There are many remodels and home renovation designs out there with variable costs. Your country home can be spruced with cost-effective DIYs to contracting work. Ranch remodel costs, for example, can vary depending on the level of changes you choose to undergo. You can choose to spend a couple of thousand dollars for small scale renovations of undergo full scale ones anywhere from $20,000-$50,000! No matter the design changes you wish to make, rest assured that there are changes available no matter your budget, age or structure of your home!

Renovation Ideas For Old Homes

Older homes have the broadest options for change that can drastically change the look and functionality of your country home!

  • Tear down your older porch for a new one
  • Upgrade your stairs
  • Replace old windows with energy efficient or impact resistant ones
  • Replace your roofing material with more durable metal options (they can last 50+ years!)
  • Switch out your cabinets or countertops to modern wood grains, marble or porcelain options
  • Replace your countertops
  • Upgrade your flooring
  • Restore your fireplace
  • Incorporate a new Fence Installation
  • Upgrade plumbing, electricity and appliances to energy efficient or durable options
  • Bathroom or kitchen renovations from stoves, bathtubs, flooring, walls and sinks

Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Smooth Cell Service in Country Home

Living in the country can have higher risks of bad cell service, increase smoothness so you can work from home in your relaxing country home!

Many small changes can be a DIY as long as you have home renovation tools on hand! Consider these options for small changes that have a big impact on your home.

  • Lighting: add accent lights, color lights, sconces, pendant lights or a chandelier.
  • Painting: a paint job can accent or back drop certain areas or appliances without the costs of replacements.
  • Switch out door and cabinet pulls and handles: these embellishments add to the room’s overall look without switching appliances out.
  • Fix Bad Cell Reception: upgrade on slow reception so people can internet and stream!
  • Front Door: embellish your front door entrance with trimming, lights or trees.
  • Decor: add accent furniture, plants, art works and other baubles to increase the feeling of used space.
  • Organization: add cabinets, bookshelves and other appliances that can compliment the new design elements of your home remodel.

House Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

Skylight Open Space for Country Home!

Skylights can add in natural lighting & create a sense of space with the open views of outside nature.

The main idea in remodeling small houses is to clear up on clutter, incorporate all available space with a variety of uses and create the illusion of space!

  • Skylights and glass ceilings: natural lighting can quickly add to the ambiance of a room and negate feelings on enclosure.
  • Vary ceiling heights: extending the ceiling into a vault or in slants can create dimension and give a nice design to the room.
  • Lighting: upgrading the lighting can provide a sense of modernity.
    Accordion glass windows or doors: this will create a sense of open space with indoor-outdoor flows.
  • Multi purpose rooms: use foldable or wheel away furniture to double up space into an office, guest room, lounging area or more!
  • Add storage: clearing up your room from clutter with cabinets, shelves, hangers and other options not only adds in style but adds more space!
  • Color Themes: when considering appliances or paints, try for light colors as they create a sense of expansion while dark colors create feelings of smallness and enclosure.
  • Place mirrors around: adding mirrors opposite windows or other opportune areas in a room can reflect light and create the illusion of doubled space.

Home repairs and home renovations come in a variety of options that you can pick and choose from that best match with your tastes. If you have a small space, there are plenty of tricks to create the illusion of space. If you’re on a budget, consider changes that are essential for more impact or changes that can add in the style elements of the room to create theme and color. If you desire larger changes, consider options that have durability and energy efficiency. With larger changes, you’ll be able to completely change the look and feel of your home! Whatever your goals are, you’re sure to benefit from adding implements of modernity to your country home!

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