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Can a Signal Booster Installation Help You?

When you’re stuck in a rural area with no cell service, it can be frustrating and, at times, dangerous. A cell signal booster can provide a useable signal to most who use them. They use a system of antennas and relays to provide a signal that is strong and effective. An installation professional can simply install the booster antenna to your roofing system for optimal reception. Roof materials like Duro-Last roofing not only provide great protection for your home, but also offer a firm material for your booster equipment.

Cell Signal Boosters Can Increase Your Cell Signal Easily.

A Poor Cell Signal Can Leave You Feeling Distant and Out of Touch. We Can Help!


Times When a Signal Booster Won’t Help

In some cases, a cell signal booster won’t work. A cell booster doesn’t create a signal, but instead, boosts an already present signal. Therefore, if a signal doesn’t exist or is too scrambled, a cell phone booster will not help your situation.

Some of these obstacles include:

  • No Signal: If there is no signal to boost, a cell signal booster will not be helpful.
  • Tall Buildings and Structures: Multiple tall buildings can inhibit a cell signal from reaching your location which is crucial for a cell booster to work.
  • No Place for an Antenna: Cell booster antennas can be placed on your roof or even on a window sill. However, if you have an inside apartment or otherwise blocked home, an antenna cannot be installed properly.
  • Other Carrier Interference: Even if your cell service carrier has a nearby tower, other carrier towers that are in between it and your location can cause a cell booster to boost the incorrect signal.

Your Booster Installation Specialists

If you think a cell signal booster can help your current reception, call the Cell Install team today to learn more about your options. We install signal boosters for every carrier to boost your reception in even the most remote locations and can help you decide on the best system for your needs. Call us now at 214-997-1138 for cell signal booster installation throughout the McKinney, TX area.