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What Causes Bad Cell Phone Reception

Bad Cell Phone Reception

Travel Through Isolated or Uninhabited Areas Can Lead to a Poor Cell Signal.

Bad cell phone reception is a uniquely modern problem that can represent quite a headache. If you’ve ever needed to get in contact with someone, or found yourself on a call with a poor signal, you understand the frustration and anxiety this problem can cause. To grapple with the nature of this inconvenience, it helps to know the two common causes for bad cell phone reception.

Geographical Issues

Geographical distance or obstacles to the nearest cell phone tower explain a common cause for bad cell reception. For example, if you find yourself driving through a desert, you may not receive a signal until you approach a more developed area. Geographical issues behind bad reception are one of the most frequent causes for poor cell signals around the country. Most individuals rarely experience these, however, unless they live in a sparsely populated or isolated area.

Destructive Interference

Destructive interference can happen anywhere, and is the most common cause for a poor cell signal. This phenomenon occurs when cell signals struggle to pass through materials like concrete or metal. If you have poor reception in certain rooms of your home or office, destructive interference represents the likely reason. Heavily built-up or urban areas are particularly troublesome for destructive interference.

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